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Spring by boat
in the Valli di Comacchio

Spring is coming and the territory of Comacchio turns into a whirlwind of life and colors.

To admire the awakening of nature in all its splendor, it is possible to take part in interesting boat excursions along the inner channels of the lagoon.

It will be possible to admire closely a large number of water birds and also the famous colony of pink flamingos, which has always been considered a gem for tourists and more. The flamingos are always appreciated, able to arouse amazement even in the most navigated observer: with their color so delicate, immersed in nature with contrasting colors, they offer a unique spectacle. Besides birds, one should not forget to look even further down, in the brackish waters of the lagoon, where there are many species of fish.

This excursion, lasting about an hour and a half, is suitable for both adults and children. Thanks to the presence of a guide, you can appreciate the path accompanied by some explanation or curiosity designed specifically to make the participants as involved as possible.

The first day that you can participate in this release is Saturday, March 17, and will last until the 24th of June, thus covering the entire spring season. The excursions always leave at 11 am from the “Bettolino di Foce”.

An opportunity to combine the desire for open air with love for nature and the history of the place; a morning to discover the wonders of the Po Delta.

In this heavenly oasis, a guide leads visitors to discover the most interesting places such as fishing stations or the picturesque ancient “casoni”, which characterize this environment.

The event is chargeable and for more information you can contact directly Po Delta Turism, organizer and promoter of the excursion.