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Go biking along the right
side of the river Po

A journey through nature, art and history: the cycling route that we present today is all that and much more.
If you love cycling you will probably have heard of the path Destra Po (right side of river Po), one of the longest cycleways in Europe with its 100 km long connecting Stellata to Gorino.

Follow us on a tour on the most interesting places that you can enjoy riding along this famous cycling trail.
The first step of the route is represented by the Fortress of Stellata. The beautiful building was built during the eleventh century and enlarged by the Este in 1362 to control the passage of ships. Today is one of the symbols of Bondeno and it hosts interesting temporary exhibitions. Absolute must for those who love art and history.
Continuing with our tour we reach the famous Water Mill, located in the flood plain of Ro. It is a faithful reproduction of the mills that over one hundred years ago populated the banks of the Po, the result of careful historical research and custodian of the Bread Museum (currently closed for maintenance, but always beautiful).
Pedaling immersed in an unspoiled nature and taking advantage of the large number of cycle paths, we come then to the Castle and the Great Forest of Mesola. Once a hunting reserve of the Este, here you can still find deers, badgers and many other animals.

If you love nature then simply continue along the route to the ports of Goro and Gorino and take advantage of the many boat trips on the Po or the Goro, very popular areas for bird watching. So you can admire the most beautiful specimens in their natural habitats. An experience you will never forget!
When staying at the Holiday Village Florenz you can organize an excursion in the last stretch of this beautiful tour, from Bosco Mesola to the Sacca di Goro. Are you ready to go?