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Experience the Comacchio summer carnival
at the Florenz holiday village

The Carnival on the water, unique in Italy, is repeated in June to kick off the summer! The Carnival on the water, unique in Italy, is repeated in June to kick off the summer! The Carnival on the water, unique in Italy, is repeated in June to kick off the summer!
The Christmas holidays have just ended, you have returned to work and you have resumed the daily routine but with your mind you are already organizing the next summer holidays?

You are not alone: we are planning your next summer vacation for you. Do you want to know what idea we thought?

There is a magical place, located 50km from Ferrara, on the easternmost part of Emilia Romagna, where anyone who has the courage to venture out will be able to experience something out of the ordinary. “How far out of the ordinary?” – you are wondering. Well, so out of the ordinary that we celebrate the traditional winter carnival … in June!

You got it right, we’re talking about a summer carnival; and not just an ordinary summer carnival, because, in this case, you will not find wagons, but allegorical boats that will parade not on the streets of Comacchio, but on the brackish water of its characteristic canals.

The parade of 12 masked crews will sail from the monumental Trepponti bridge at 9 pm and follow a well-defined itinerary along the canals in the main streets of the center.

Not only boats, not only games but also music, animation, dance and a party atmosphere that will satisfy all the expectations of the many tourists who will come from everywhere to enjoy the show.

Throughout the historic center you can also come across many markets of local products, and then end the evening with the fireworks display that will illuminate the entire city. This event is slowly becoming the symbol of the start of the holiday season at the Lidi di Comacchio, starting a long list of events that will accompany you throughout the summer 2019.

Not to mention the countless places to visit around the city and excellent outdoor activities, from the simplest to the most adventurous. Comacchio has a lot to offers: sea, events, history, activities, food… A perfect list of ingredients to prepare an unforgettable holiday.

As I told you before: a magical place! If in February you can not take your vacation to attend the Winter Carnival, you can not miss the summer version. We are waiting for you at our Holiday Village Florenz! A holiday village in the Lidi Ferraresi with every service you will ever need.
If you prefer the comfort of an independent bungalow or you are a camping lover and need a pitch, here you will find every solution that suits your needs. In addition, within the village you will find two restaurants, a pizzeria, two bars and a marke.. To entertain the little ones with rich day programs, our entertainers will take care of us, while the older ones will be able to take advantage of sports fields for football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming pool, sailing center and fitness center, plus numerous initiatives such as tournaments and courses. If when you opened the bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve you have promised yourself as a good idea to give yourself a wonderful summer holiday in 2019, we can not absolutely blame you; but we can certainly help you! Choose the perfect accommodation for you now!