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Cycle tourism,
4 itineraries to discover the area

Cycling is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular in Italy. There are many bicycle enthusiasts who choose to leave to explore new places, breathing in the open air and keeping fit.
Cycling in the Po Delta.
The territory of the Delta is one of the most suitable places for a hike in the saddle, especially thanks to the flat terrain that allows you to move in total freedom without getting too tired.

There are many hidden paths, accessible by bicycle, which pass through unique and suggestive landscapes. You will discover places that cannot be found in the rest of Italy, such as the lagoon of the Comacchio, the Bosco della Mesola, the pine forests, the network of canals that run towards the sea, ponds and villages immersed in the reeds. These are unique landscapes in which so many different species of animals live.

The routes available are so many that it will be impossible to cover them all, so our advice is to go to one of the information offices located throughout the province of Ferrara. Here you can find clear and detailed handlebar maps, complete with the list of service facilities such as rental, bike repair and even refreshment points.

Among all the available routes we have chosen some to advise you that they are good both for the more experienced, and for those who are beginners.

1. The first excursion that we recommend is dedicated to the less experienced. A very interesting and entertaining pedestrian picnic in the Bosco della Mesola Nature Reserve. The itinerary includes a route that winds through the woods until it reaches the center of the reserve, namely the Parco delle Duchesse. This 2-hour itinerary will allow you to discover the charm of unspoiled nature. It is a route suitable for adults and children, where you can see deer, water and land turtles and, with a little luck, even deer. It is also possible to rent bicycles directly at the entrance to the “Boscone”.

2. The second route is always dedicated to those who are beginners, but provides for an itinerary of a few kilometers longer. The journey will take about 7 km and reaches the old Salina di Comacchio, witness of the ancient role of salt producer covered by the town. Over 600 hectares of land, located near the Lido degli Estensi, preserve the ancient plant built in the Napoleonic era, abandoned in 1984. In this territory, thanks to the absence of human activities, numerous species of birds nest, among which also one of the most important colonies of Italian pink flamingos.

3. The third itinerary is aimed instead at an audience of people with already a little experience behind them. A route that includes a trip from the Lidi Comacchiesi to the Po Delta and back. It will be a ride of about 70 kilometers passing through the municipalities of Goro, Mesola, Codigoro. This route is in direct contact with nature, passing through landscapes such as the Gran Bosco della Mesola, the Sacca di Goro and places of art such as the Castle of Mesola and the Abbey of Pomposa.

4. If you are an expert, the route that suits you is the Destra Po cycle path, a route that winds along the Emilian embankment of the “Great river”. This route, in the Ferrara stretch, joins the town of Stellata directly to the Adriatic sea. A 123 km long route immersed in the green of the cultivated fields and accompanied by the sound of the river current.

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