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Those who love their pets
take them on holiday to Florenz!

Holidays, it is known, are the moment of relaxation par excellence and not only for humans, but also for the animals that accompany every day of our lives. This is why pet owners know how gratifying and beautiful it is to live their holiday in the company of their dog or cat: discovering new horizons, territories, foods and emotions; all this will take on a new meaning if alongside our four-legged friend.

The numbers of the abandonment of 2017, however, are chilling: there are over 80,000 cats and 50,000 dogs that have been left on a road in the sun, without water and especially without anybody else waiting for them. Also for this reason the world community is moving and, on August 19th, the International Homeless Animal Day has been called, the day dedicated to animals that no longer have a family, even if in reality, given the final result, maybe not they had never had it.

The apex of this sad phenomenon, as expected, takes place in the summer months when some families choose to abandon a life to live a holiday “without thoughts”. This year the campaign against the abandonment of dogs 2018 is bearing fruit and fortunately more are the owners of pets who choose to remain ‘human’ and not abandon them on the road. Even the sea and the bathing establishments, places that until a few years ago were considered taboo for their pets, are becoming more and more ‘pet friendly’ and consequently also the offer of beaches equipped for dogs in the Ferrara beaches grows.

Hence the choice of the Holiday Village Florenz, before many others, to give the space that our animal friends deserve. In fact, its private beach is open to every pet and is one of the main beaches for dogs in the Ferrara beaches. Digging holes, rolling, playing with sand and getting to know other 4-legged friends, all this is admitted to the Florenz where your dog will find a space designed ad hoc and built on his needs. In addition, for those who decided to live their holiday with the dog on the beaches of Ferrara, Florenz owners have chosen to reserve a portion of the beachfront for those who do not want to separate from their best friend even while taking the tan or is just a few steps from the sea. The animals, therefore, will never be unwelcome guests in the spaces of the Florenz, let us know your best friend!