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Ten things to see in Comacchio

Comacchio is a city that is worth discovering at least once in a lifetime.

It is located near Ferrara and presents an incredible mix of nature, sea and history, all concentrated in a single territory.
For this reason a visit to Comacchio is certainly a must, in all this it is always better to create an itinerary to leave nothing to chance.
But for this reason don’t worry, we have already thought about it, here is the list of 10 things to see in Comacchio.

1. The bridge of the Trepponti

It is one of the main symbols of the city among the most iconographic and often represented by the artists who decided to speak about Comacchio.You can also know it under the name of Ponte Pallotta and it was built over the canal that, in 1638, was used to drive boats to the Adriatic Sea.

2. Visit to the Museo Delta Antico

Completed only recently, the Museo Delta Antico was built inside the former hospital of the sick, active until the beginning of the nineteenth century. Inside you can fully experience the history of the city of Comacchio starting from the Roman era, where the the most important object is the Roman ship found in 1981 during work at the reclamation channels that surround the city of Comacchio.

3. Civic Tower

What you can admire is a reconstruction of the nineteenth century of a tower that stood out on Comacchio since 1300, inside there is a mechanical clock dating back to that time.

4. Loggia del Grano

Among the 10 things to see in Comacchio, you cannot miss the Loggia del Grano, whose birth is due to the architect of Ferrara Giovan Battista Aleotti, a well-known historical figure in the Este territory, and built between 1615 and 1623. The Istrian stone columns and the brick pillars were built during the “Renovatio Urbis” under the legation of Cardinal Giacomo Serra.

5. Cathedral of San Cassiano

It is a spacious and impressive work, located in Via Ugo Bassi in Comacchio, built in 1740 by architect Giacomo Cerrutti. The entrance to this monument is free, so why miss the opportunity to visit this church located in the heart of Comacchio?

6. The channels of Comacchio

If they call it “Little Venice” there will probably be a reason. There are several channels that cross the historic center of Comacchio. For a visit to the city from a renewed point of view, it will be enough to ask the many men on the boat to make an excursion from another ‘point of view’.

7. Excursion in the lagoons

The ways in which you can live the lagoons are varied: on foot, walking along one of the many hiker routes, by bike, there are in fact several points where you can rent a two-wheeled vehicle, or by boat.
Whichever you prefer you know that at your disposal, if you wish, there will be an environmental guide prepared and ready to let you discover more about the surrounding area.

8. . Visit to the former saltworks

During your visit to the lagoons, we advise you to take a detour and head towards the former salt pans to admire an important nesting site for pink flamingos, admirable in the period between early spring and late summer.

9. Casoni di pesca

They are literally the traditional structures where fishermen of Comacchio did their job in the past.
Near the area of Casoni you can also admire the areas in charge of fishing for eels, a real specialty of the territory of Comacchio.

10. Typical cuisine

The last thing to do with this To Do list can only be a stop in one of the typical restaurants in the area.
The specialty, as we said a moment ago, is precisely the eel that you can taste marinated, grilled, broth or stew. Next to all this you will not miss the typical specialties of the sea of Comacchio fished strictly by local fishermen: mussels, clams and cuttlefish will not fail to embellish your dishes.

Do not forget to ask for a couple of bread, a typical specialty not only of Comacchio but of all of Ferrara.

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