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The Saline di Comacchio and
the Museum of the Ancient Delta

Today we suggest two alternative routes that will allow you to get even closer to the ancient history of the area where you are staying, a journey to discovering local flora and fauna.

We are talking about the Saline di Comacchio, not far from Lido degli Scacchi, and the Ancient Delta Museum, located in the heart of the historic town.

With more than 600 hectares of extension, the salt pans are part of the protected area within the Po Delta Park. Born as a man-made environment, later abandoned, this breathtaking place soon became the ideal habitat for many animal species and volatile. Thanks to hydraulic operations and the arrangement of the banks, the plant, built in the Napoleonic era, has finally returned to produce salt as in antiquity.

From the Saline it is possible to immerse yourself in nature to discover the characteristic birds of the area, as well as to take part in the didactic activities and the workshops held by the salinaries, which will show, for example, the method for measuring the salinity of the sea or how to observe some microorganisms with microscope. From here you can also visit the Red Tower and the exhibition hall, and see some of the most spectacular species of our territory, such as pink flamingos.

Saline can only be accessed through authorized guides. Reservations can be made at reception of the campsite. There are also free excursions available for families and small ones.

The Ancient Delta Museum, on the other hand, is housed inside the Ancient Hospital for the Infirm of Comacchio, a structure constructed around the years 1778 and 1784 but recently restored. There are over 2000 exhibits dating from various eras ranging from prehistoric to medieval times, which illustrate and testify to the history of the Po river, when it was still the focus of trade between Europe and the port city of the Mediterranean.

Cradle of the city of Spina and of the Etruscan people, the Po Delta was also an important attraction for the ancient Romans. An important trial is the discovery of the remains of a Roman ship and its precious cargo, now wisely kept inside the museum.

You will also be able to admire the whole museum in an innovative way, exploiting 3D reconstructions, digital cards and interactive paths that detail the following stages: the age of the final bronze and the first iron, classic and classic arcade, Roman age and age Late medieval until the 12th century.

Two different and interesting choices for those who are looking for emotions, history and culture even during the holidays. Which destination will you choose?