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Nature and magical atmospheres
in the Boscoforte Peninsula

The territory of the Po Delta Park contains many places with extraordinary charm, small jewels of which we are often unaware. Today we want to talk about the naturalistic oasis of the Boscoforte Peninsula, between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna.

This extraordinary portion of valley territory extends for about 6 km in the area north of the river Reno, near the village of Sant’Alberto (RA) and is a perfect destination for an excursion into nature.

Access to the Boscoforte Peninsula, recently reopened to the public, is allowed only to groups of people accompanied by authorized guides. In this way the balance of the rich ecosystem is guaranteed, allowing visitors to fully enjoy this little unspoilt paradise.

Thanks to the simultaneous presence of fresh and brackish water, Boscoforte presents a remarkable variety of natural environments. Walking in the quiet and silence of the oasis you can admire all the plants and animals typical of the valleys. Among reeds and salicometers, tamarisks and poplars, sandy bumps and canals, many species of birds find refuge, choosing the Boscoforte Peninsula to nest. Birdwatchers can let themselves be overwhelmed by emotions by observing and photographing black-winged stilt, flamingos, coots, valpoche, gulls, avocets, waders, grebes, mallards and many others. Inside the oasis, in the wild, live also some specimens of horses of the Delta / Camargue, white and small in size, ready to amaze visitors with their beauty.

But the magic of this enchanted place starts already during the journey to reach it. The meeting point for guided tours is the NatuRa Museum of Sant’Alberto, a must for nature lovers. To cross the river Reno and enter the territory of the oasis, you have to take the ferry used to transport cars, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians, one of the few remaining of this type in Italy. The itinerary inside Boscoforte provides a loop path of about 2 kilometers that allows you to explore all the beauties of a truly unique and very suggestive environment.

Plan a visit during your next vacation at the Florenz, you will be fascinated by these places!