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Mini & Junior club:
the most important aspect of the village!

When a family plans to go on holiday, one of the most important decision factor is the presence of the miniclub and the junior club. But what are we talking about exactly when we say ‘miniclub’?

These are educational game contexts where, thanks to the presence of qualified staff, your children can have fun in a protected environment, due to an extensive programme of activities and entertainment for children. Participation to the club is from 4 years up to 16, where obviously the children will be divided in groups, the youngest ones in the miniclub and the older ones in the junior club.

The Holiday Village Florenz is proud to guarantee one of the best mini clubs for villages that you can find on the Adriatic coast! We have thought of a wide range of activities, able to get everyone a lot of fun. The activities are separated, as announced, for the 2 groups, based on the age. At the miniclub are welcome all children from 4 to 10 years who will have fun thanks to games, educational workshops, cooking classes, music, dancing, activities in the educational garden, games in english, environmental education and much more. While for the older ones, from 11 to 16 years, we have thought of a vast assortment of tournaments, dance, contests and lots of sports, always supported by our animators! In order not to miss anything in our mini-club, every evening baby dance takes place inside the theater: a fun mix of games and dance that will involve all ages.

But why the presence of a miniclub inside the village is so important? From 3 years of age children start playing together, whereas before the game, even if shared, presents itself for their psychology as an isolated activity for this it is important, especially from 36 months of life, to propose ‘social’ contexts . “There is nothing more serious and more engaging than the game for a child. And in this seriousness he is very similar to an artist intent on his work. Like the artist, even the child playing transforms reality, reinvents it, symbolically represents it, creating an imaginary world that reflects his dreams with open eyes, his fantasies, his desires”, with these words Silvia Vegetti Finzi, one of the most important Italian psychologists on the theme of childhood described the importance of the game. Growing up, children need games that stimulate them, possibly if structured by experts, to start experimenting with socializing and internalizing the first social rules. Playing is the first way in which children begin to know the world and begin to categorize it, comparing themselves for the first time independently with their peers.

For this the miniclubs are a great opportunity to start making the children more autonomous thanks to the comparison with new situations and, why not, allow the parents themselves a little rest while the child has fun with mates.