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Here are 8 places of Comacchio that you must tag!

If you are passionate about photography and love to capture unique landscapes in your shots, the territory of Comacchio will give you numerous landscapes to take inspiration for splendid artistic photographs.
At Holiday Village Florenz we have compiled a list of 8 places near Comacchio that every photolover should visit:

Litterally “Three bridges”

Right in the center of Comacchio, stands the most representative monument of the town. This architectural complex is very particular, as it is a bridge under which two different canals merge and then unite into a single one, continuing the race towards the sea.
It is among the most popular tourist locations and will surely give you very spectacular shots. For example, you could go to the foot of one of the steps of the bridge and frame one of the three arches centrally in order to let the bifurcation of the canals be seen. Try taking more pictures, maybe at different times of the day. At sunset, reflections of sunlight allow the water in the canals to reflect images like in a mirror!

Channels of the city

Because of the many canals that cross it, Comacchio is also known as “the little Venice”. These wind around the entire town and are decorated with many colorful houses that reflect on their waters. Try to go to the opposite bank of the river compared to the colored houses, so you can frame them by three quarters. Try to take the image from above, to allow the houses to reflect almost completely on the surface of the water. On sunny days these shine with color, and we can assure you that they will become the main subjects of some of the most suggestive shots you can do!

Wood sculptures by Enrico Menegatti

On the beaches of Lido di Volano, the artist Enrico Menegatti builds special sculptures using everything that the sea current brings to the shore. In October 2016, the sculpture depicting a seal won the Riva1920 award for the Reuse prize for works made with recycled material. They are truly unique sculptures that depict different subjects such as dinosaurs, deers, horses, dolphins and even legendary figures! They can become the subjects of interesting photographic shots, since, framed by particular angles, it can seem like they come to life. Try for example to take the two dolphin-shaped sculptures from below, it will seem that they are really jumping out of the water!

Porto Garibaldi port

The port is located in the Lido degli Estensi and Porto Garibaldi divisions. Along the river that naturally separates the two maritime centers land the boats of the Comacchio fishermen, above which flocks of seagulls in search of food flock. A fascinating and very lively show!
Here, in addition to the freshest fish, you will find a fantastic location for super cool shots of Street photography, in which you can for example frame a fisherman unloading fish crates, while above him and his boat, a flock of seagulls hovers. Apply a black and white filter and the effect will be incredible!

Flamingos in the lagoon

Numerous colonies of pink flamingos nest among the brackish waters of the Comacchio lagoon. During periods of long stationing of birds, in the presence of plenty of food, these reach very bright shades of pink!
With the intent of moving the ground to hunt food, the flamingos rhythmically move their long legs, performing in an elegant ballet.
A breathtaking show that will give you artistic ideas from which to draw inspiration for interesting photo shoots. We really like the photos in which a flamingo bent with its beak in the water is framed. Look for a shot that also reflects the reflection of the bird, and you will create a really interesting sense of continuity! Or why not, you could frame a pair of flamingos as they spread their wings in the sky!

Po Delta

At the mouth of Italy’s largest river, we find a natural park that contains a unique biodiversity. Inside there are many species of birds and mammals, among which we also find dune deer!
On the pieces of land divided by the branches of the river, there are also the two lighthouses of Goro. The oldest one has now become a naturalistic observatory on which it is possible to climb to observe the panorama of the park from above. From here you could take beautiful panoramic photos of the park, or staying at the foot of the lighthouse, you could find a place from which to be able to frame the small port behind the lighthouse, which will thus seem to emerge in the midst of so many small white boats. There are not many photos of the Goro lighthouse, for this reason you could surprise your friends with beautiful photos of this unique subject.

Casoni of eel fishermen

Inside one of the most important Italian lagoon complexes, the historical tools of eel fishing are enclosed. The economy of Comacchio is historically centered on eel fishing.
There are many fishermen’s houses which, still intact, rise above the brackish waters of the lagoon. We can assure you that at sunset these landscapes offer splendid reflections of red shades to be immortalized in unique shots, in which you could frame the fishermen’s hut, which rise above the water surface that reflects the image. You could play with this mirror effect, classic of the sunset hours, to take photos with very interesting dark shades.

Batane and Batanari

Along the canals of the town, it is usual to see the “batana” moored. Just like the gondolas to Venice, these small flat-bottomed boats are typical of Comacchio. They are used to transport tourists along waterways and, during the carnival periods, they are set up with fun and colorful plasterboard structures to replace the classic carnival floats on wheels. They are maneuvered by the “batanari” who, through a long stick, push the batana through the canals. Frame one of the canals with moored some batanas, maybe waiting for the perfect moment in which there are no passers-by, to give a sense of calm and silence to the photo. Just apply a clear filter and you will get an interesting contrast of colors between the rosy hues of the Comacchio masonry and the green of the canals.

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