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Castle and Wood of Mesola

If you are planning a trip to discover the beauty and history of our area you should definitely make a stop at the Wood of Mesola and its Castle, the last of Delizie Estensi (UNESCO heritage since 1999).
Here, in an atmosphere that seems to come from a past time full of legends, you will meet deer, fallow deer and many others animals that inhabit the forest.

The entire forested area was acquired in the XV cent. by the Este family, who decided to transform it into a rich hunting ground. The idea of Ferrara lords was to build a new Delizia that would have had at the same time an important defensive role against the powerful Republic of Venice and all the features to ensure moments of leisure to the entire court.
Duke Alfonso II, promoter of the palatial building, wanted to be remembered for a work that could compete with the oldest Estense Castle of Ferrara. For this reason he has hired the best architects and engineers of the time, succeeding to build the beautiful castle and town walls of over nine miles in only 5 years.
The structure today appears intact in all its splendor and hosts events, conferences and events of various kinds. In the inner rooms you can admire suggestive evidence of its past: original frescoes and decorations, a family tree and the coat of arms of the Este, maps depicting the history of the estate. On the upper floors you will also find an exhibition that explores the history and cultures of the Po Delta and the Wood and Deer Museum of Mesola.

And after studying the history of the Dune Deer (or Mesola Deer) there’s nothing better than going to find this magnificent animal, unique in Italy, inside the Natural Reserve. The woods can be explored on foot, by bicycle or even with an original electric train, which provides access to normally inaccessible areas.
Plan a visit during your next vacation, you will be fascinated by these places!