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Accessibility and environmental sustainability
Holiday Village Florenz

Holiday Village Florenz is a family-run holiday village that celebrates 65 years of activity in2020. The family has always recognized how much the high naturalistic and landscape value of the Po Delta biosphere sould be recognized, preserved and respected.
For this reason, for years our company has been committed to conveying messages of respect for the surrounding nature, introducing initiatives and measures to preserve the environment in which it lives and works.
Some of these initiatives carried out in the past years have meant that the village was awarded with prestigious awards, such as the Ecolabel by Legambiente, the EcoLeader Gold
award from the TripAvisor community of travelers and, lastly, the special mention of the Emilia-Romagna Region as Innovators Officers.


The interventions that have been carried out in past years are manifold and varied:

  • Energy saving bulbs inside the common areas and all mobil-homes in the village.
  • Water consumption reducers by push-button taps to limit the waste of drinking water, for
    those who work with us and for guests
  • Electric cars for our staff, to go around the village without having emissions
  • Concentrated cleaning products to limit plastic consumption as much as possible
  • Local food products in both the restaurant menus and in the small but well-stocked market
    inside the village
  • Construction of 3 geothermal energy plants for heating / cooling of the main buildings in the
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels for the production of clean electricity with over 1000
    square meters of surface
  • Conversion of public street lighting with LED mode
  • Conversion of existing systems (boilers, kitchens, service complexes) from LPG to Natural
  • Straws and paper cups to eliminate plastic components and start the “plastic free&quot

Aware that the path taken is still long, the village has formalized a series of projects and ideas for the next 5 years:

    • 2020 – Beginning of the process of eliminating plastic bottles used in restaurants, bars and mini markets
    • 2021 – Implementation of the separate door-to-door garbage collection inside the village and
      construction of a new large ecological sorting area
    • 2022 – Beginning of the path to replace asphalt with drained and ecological flooring
    • 2023 – Construction of refueling points for electric cars in transit in the territory
    • 2025 – Completion of the plastic free course in the village activities