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A picturesque route along the right banks of the Po River, from the Mesola Castle to the mouth of the river.

A picturesque bike touring itinerary full of charm along the right banks of the Po river that from Stellata di Bondeno, pass through the historical centre of Ferrara, arrive to the sea, and up to the port town of Gorino Ferrarese. You will appreciate the landscape of the Po Valley along the 125 km flat-road itinerary of the “right banks of the Po River”, one of the most significant natural portions of the Po Delta Park, which is mostly used by cyclists with short stretches of road for mixed traffic at road, mostly for the exclusive use of cyclists and with short stretches with mixed traffic.

Due to the uniqueness of the environment, we recommend the last stretch of the Right banks of the Po River, the last 25 kilometres relative to the Cities of Mesola and Goro. From the Estense Castle of Mesola, the route ascends along the riverbank and faces the wide loop that the Po of Goro describes initially northward, and then descends towards the south for more than 10 km, skirting the thick scrub of the Santa Giustina woods. Before arriving to Goro, you will see the small Rossi Island with its elongated shape covered with thick white willow shrub in the middle of the river. You are now only 7 kilometres away from Gorino Ferrarese, the last inhabited centre before the sea.

Route: 25 km one way


Cycling routes to explore a unique environment, surrounded by the magic of the lagoon of Comacchio

From the historical centre of Comacchio, take the banks that run along Fattibello Valley; along this 4 kilometre route, you will arrive at the Foce Fishing Station, the first village of the Comacchio valley. From here, a few historical and natural itineraries of unquestionable beauty branch off; along these routes you will be able to see vast stretches of salt water, the old houses of the inhabitants of the valley and the old and new techniques for catching eel. 

Turning right, you are on the Fossa Foce banks. After 6 kilometres, these tanks will lead you to the Zavelea Valley, up to the tower to observe the swamp, reeds and many species of birds that inhabit these waters. Turning right, along the banks behind the Uccelliera Valley, a 3-kilometre route will lead you to the Salt Marsh of Comacchio, This route crosses through a unique environment, where one of the most populous Italian colonies of pink flamingos finds shelter in the salt water.

Route: between 7 and 10 kilometres one way


From the sea to the Valleys and the Salt Marsh of Comacchio

Taking a route of approximately 7 kilometres, with some stretches of mixed traffic, you can go from the sea to the valleys and the Salt March of Comacchio.

From the Lido Estensi seaside resort, take the road that runs along the tourist port and from here reach the canal port where, at the overpass of the Romea State Road, the bicycle route towards the very unusual ecosystem of the Valleys and the Salt Marsh of Comacchio starts. 

Continuing along the unpaved road, you will reach the sluice where an observation tower will give a spectacular view of salt-water bodies, on which a colony of pink flamingos finds shelter. Along the route, you can see the remains of the ancient Torre Rossa, a sixteenth century building placed here to defend the sea along the ancient coastline. Continuing along the banks, you will arrive to the Foce Fishing Station.

Route: 7 km one way


Travelling within the Mouth of the Volano Po River Natural Reserve, oasis of unspoiled nature

Starting from Oasi Canneviè, where you can rent bicycles, you can travel along the river bank, where cars can also drive, towards Lido di Volano, up to, after approximately 3 kilometres, the small town, called  “Madonnina”. Starting here, the bicycle routes will lead you into the Mouth of the Volano Po River Natural Reserve, a very special oasis made up of heterogeneous environments that go from the pine forest to the saltwater lagoon, from the sandbars to the beaches.

Along unpaved roads, i twill be possible to cross the pine forest up to Scannone di Volano, where you can stop and see the view of the reeds from the observation tower, or by following the various deviations that lead to the coast and towards the pine forest behind the town.


Route: between 4 and 10 kilometres one way